Bosch GO-2, Cordless Screwdriver Kit with 33 Accessories (Gen 2)

$63.77 w/GST

  • Easy to control: Tools stops immediately after deactivation via electronic brake
  • Dual-activation mode: Simply push tool or press button to begin
  • Precise or Power: Mechanical clutch with 5 torque settings and maximum performance mode
  • Mechanical Clutch: Precise with 5 torque setting and maximum performance mode
  • Electronic Brake: Easy to control as the tools stops immediately after deactivations
  • Ergonomic: Easy to grip when working in multiple positions
  • ¼” HEX Bit Holder: Highly flexible, fits to all possible bits
  • Strong spindle: Shift between manual and power mode
  • Speed: 360RPM: Deliver fast and smooth operation while still maintaining the same powerful performance
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