Makita 5606B, 160mm (6-1/4″) Circular Saw 950w [cb303]

$196.45 w/GST

  • Anti-slip groove
  • 1.6mm thick depth guide makes shallow cutting much more consistent.
  • Flat rear end of motor housing: Saw blades can be replaced easily with the machine standing on the motor housing.
  • Line on the blade case to indicate the blade position for accurate cutting
  • Ultra fast cutting through all grades of timber even handles hardwoods with ease
  • Thin kerf blade gives a smooth cutting action
  • Robust and light with a compact design makes it the ideal saw to take onsite
  • Tight gear tolerance for minimal arbor float and quieter operation
  • 45° front bevel lock
  • Standard Equipment
    • Carbide-Tipped Saw Blade, Hex Wrench, Rip Fence (Guide Rule)
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