Understanding Power Drills

Types of Power Drill 

There are many different types of power drill available in Singapore. In this guide, MisterKIO aims to help you understand the different features in power drills, so that you can grab the best drill that fits your needs.

  • Drill-Drivers: This is the most basic drill. As the name suggests, it can drill a hole into wood or metal.
    Tip: Some drill-driver have a 2 speed gear box. Slow is recommended for wood while fast is recommended  for metal. 
  • Impact Drivers: The advantage of a driver is that it has high torques and can screw into harder material without slipping.
  • Percussion/Impact/Hammer Drills: A hammer drill has a hammering action that moves from front to the back of the drill. This is meant for drilling into masonry or concrete. Hammering action can be turned off so that you can use it like a regular drill-driver.
  • Rotary Hammer Drill: Similar to hammer drill as they also  pound the drill bit in and out while it is spinning. However, they use a piston mechanism which deliver a much more powerful hammer blow, making it possible to drill bigger holes much faster. Rotary hammers require SDS or SDS+ drill bits to ensure that the bits can take the hammer action without breaking.

Features of Power Drill

  • Speed: Revolutions per minute (RPM) determines the speed of the drill. The higher the RPM, the lower the torque delivered.
  • Continuous Rating Input: This term here refers to power of the drill. A lower power drill may be suitable for household use or occasional shop use. A higher power model may be better suited for heavy-duty or professional use.
  • Variable speed: Multiple speed settings that can be changed using a single switch.
  • Reverse mode: Convenient when removing screws or backing out when boring holes. It is important to look at the design of the drill as this feature is not stated in a catalog or specifications.
  • Chucks: Keyless chucks offer the convenience of quick bit change operation; keyed chucks offer a better bit grip for larger drills.
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